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Leverage Industry Analytics  to Power your Business Growth

A Model That Works

ProfitCents began with the vision of helping small business owners better understand financial information for stronger decision making and business planning. 

The technology translates financial performance into a plain-language reporting, making it easily digestible, shareable and actionable. Accounting firms, consultants, and outsourced CFOs use the technology to engage their small business clients.

With close to 3,000,000 sets of financials, ProfitCents has the largest real-time database of private industry data and sets the standard for performance benchmarking and reporting. 

Product Overview

Accountants and business coaches use ProfitCents to: 

  • Identify growing industries to target and demonstrate industry experience with prospects

  • Help clients understand their financials and how they compare to peers and competitors

  • Save time on client presentations

  • Run what-if scenarios for engagements to build cash and grow the value of a business

  • Provide consistent, logical expected values for Audits and Reviews

  • Build SSVS No. 1 compliant valuations quickly and efficiently

Our customers can provide a deeper level of service to their clients, setting themselves apart from the competition. 

ProfitCents is a flexible system that provides value no matter the size of your firm. We work with thousands of accounting firms from sole proprietors to 40 of the top 100 firms and in doing so, have leveraged their feedback to create an optimal experience for you. 


What Our Customers Say About ProfitCents


"ProfitCents reports allow us to go above and beyond the normal statements and give top-notch advice that helps business owners succeed."
CPA, CVA, Accountant - Baldwin & Company PC


Identify industry trends and key dynamics of a business using real-time benchmarks. 

>> Industry Data


Easily translate historical financial information into a professional deliverable with key ratios.

>> Narrative Analysis


Model out complex scenarios, analyze debt structure, perform loan analysis and valuations.

>> Our Technology

See How It Works


Customers benefit from a team of specialized consultants trained to help them meet their firm’s unique goals – whether it’s growth, retention, or differentiation - through implementation, product training, and best practices.

Our team is composed of prominent industry experts who have the experience of partnering with thousands of accounting firms.

We also offer specialized consulting for strategic goals and partner coaching.

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